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For more than 50 years, Avis Homes has been associated with the finest quality homes and renovations in the North Shore area of Chicago.

Avis Homes is not the newcomer on the block. We have grown our business for over four decades. You may not know us by name, but it is likely we have had an impact in your neighborhood. Like the noted fable of the tortoise and the hare, Avis has steadily taken the proven path to achieve its goals rather than hastily pursue the quickest path to easy gains.

We believe strongly in long lasting clientele relationships. We have a team of the most reputable subcontractors and finest suppliers
which have been with Avis Homes throughout the years. We don’t skip around to find the cheapest labor or subcontractors from job to job. Rather we reward exceptional performance and get loyalty in return. This assures your project gets the attention it deserves.

Being a family business of two generation builders, the most important thing we have ever built has been our reputation. Our passion to build is only trumped by our obsession to please.

Often we are asked to explain how we differ from other builders and contractors. Our unique method of conducting business by earning it is paramount. Sure you’d expect the usual propaganda catch phrases placed here, but the answer for Avis Homes is simple; we let our performance and work speak for itself.

Our clientele accolades don’t hurt either…

Testimonials From Our Clients

Dawn & Erv R. in Lincolnshire, IL

“Our experience with Mike Avis absolutely set the standard for any future renovation projects. His vision turned our dated kitchen into a timeless gathering spot. The crews delivered high-quality workmanship, right on schedule. Mike brings a unique mix of design talent, construction knowledge and business professionalism that, in our past experience, is very hard to find. I wouldn’t even dream of embarking on another home improvement project without him.”

Dennis & Lisa G. in Highland Park, IL

“We bought our home from Avis Homes in December, 2005. The quality construction, attention to detail and overall craftsmanship were what attracted us to the home. Both during and after the construction of our home Mike Avis has kept every promise, dealt with every issue that came up, and made keeping us happy with our purchase a priority. Over the years he has been there for us every time we have asked for his help or advice regarding maintenance or changes to the house. We would have no other builder build us a home if we ever decided to move. We would recommend Mike Avis to anybody looking for the highest level of quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.”

Rich and Kristen C. in Lake Forest, IL

“Mike Avis is the consummate professional, which is a rare quality these days. Mike made sure the renovation of our 1920s home was true to the Colonial style and made welcome suggestions that improved our original ideas. Mike was on site the first day, and every day until the projects were complete. He is not the typical absent contractor. He is “hands-on” and remains on the property supervising every detail as if our home was his own.”

Dan & Ali M. in Wilmette, IL

“I was referred to Mike by a good friend who raved about him. I was pretty cynical about builders having just come off a horrible experience with the builder of our house. I came to Mike with a strange proposal for an addition, an underground basketball court. He admitted he had never built one, and wouldn’t take the job until he was sure he could build it, and build it well. This impressed me immediately as the economy was in bad shape and builders were suffering everywhere. I figured he would have promised me anything to get the job, but he didn’t.

From the very beginning I was blown away by his professionalism and thoroughness. Every penny was accounted for and I was informed of progress and issues on a daily basis. I was also impressed with his “hands on” approach. I saw Mike on the jobsite everyday, and was able to see firsthand how the workers respected Mike and worked hard for him. The quality and perfection he demanded from his contractors was evident from the start of the bidding process through the final nail”.

Bruce & Karin L. on Lake Beulah, WI

“Mike was visionary with design ideas for our summer home renovation. He was able to see a finished product that we never imagined. Mike provided drawings and a detailed quote with options for us to complete all at once or in stages. He listened to our thoughts and provided insightful feedback. Mike and his workers were punctual, reliable, and respectful of our property and neighbors. We received a work schedule which was meticulously maintained and Mike provided daily reports. Karin, myself, and our neighbors are thrilled with our new home”.