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The rich tradition of Avis Homes transcends a family generation and back to a time when a new home with 1 acre lot in Lake Forest cost $40,000.

When a handshake was a business agreement.

Michael Avis, Sr.

“It may seam unusual to place such trust with such a simple gesture, but that promise and pledge means that you’ll get Avis’s unwavering commitment. “

Our business has always started with the handshake; the welcome and the promise. Our desire to be an important and everlasting part of our clientele’s lives has remained steadfast.

Founded by Michael S. Avis Sr. in 1960, the company which bears his name has built hundreds of upscale homes and a dozen prestigious communities across the northern suburbs of Chicago and along the Gold Coast of Florida. These include exceptional homes in great neighborhoods among Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Lincolnshire, Libertyville, Highland Park, Riverwoods and Green Oaks to name a few. Our communities like Forest Creek in Libertyville, Forest Lake in Green Oaks, Westgate of Lincolnshire and Tierra del Mar in Boca Raton, proudly represent our vision. Linking all of these projects is a common thread: Unsurpassed quality, creatively inspired, meticulously built, but most importantly, they’re designed to stand the test of time.

Michael Avis Sr.’s legacy for customer commitment and honorable business practices will always be an inspiration to those he worked with.

1st home built in Lake Forest -1964.

From father to son

Michael Avis, Jr.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1987, Mike Avis Jr. was quickly allured into the family business. Heading to business school, a summer detour to work as a superintendent for Avis Development promptly lead to a change and his new and different career. His passion to build something became obvious. The excitement and challenge to develop land into neighborhoods inspired him. To this day, whether it’s new home construction or remodeling and renovations, creating a beautiful end product, and doing it well, is the ultimate reward.

For over 28 years, Mike Avis Jr. has worked the design and build side of Avis Homes. During the weekends he headed up the sales of new homes and hosted the weekend open houses. Balancing both the sales and building processes has proven monumental in creating long term relationships with his homeowners. “This allows me to get to know my clientele beyond the typical builder/customer relationship and that is what makes our business successful.”

Today, Mike Avis runs the family business with the same desire for quality over quantity which has served the company so well. This means when the great homes and neighborhoods of tomorrow are built, you will be certain the same dedication to excellence will always be there.