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Avis Homes makes it easy to renovate your current home or upgrade into a new home.

Initial & Follow Up Consultations

Please contact Avis Homes via phone or email and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. At our first consultation meeting, we will get to know each other a little bit to discover how we can work together. We want to know your needs, your wishes, your ideas and thoughts. You will receive candid analysis and suggestions right up front. There is absolutely no sales pitch or pressure.

Show us your magazine clippings, your ideal floor plans, your dream home. Avis will listen intently and then demonstrate to you the course of action. Our consultation meetings might range from just one to several, or as many as it takes until the scope of work is understood and design can begin. First and foremost, we do not charge for our consultation services. This is a service we provide to get you on the appropriate track for your project or new home.

Design & Proposal

Our thoroughness at every corner is not undermined even at the design and proposal phase. Our designs will go hand in hand with an extremely detailed proposal. We break down each job, item by item, so that you have a complete understanding of each cost and the scope of work associated with each item. Every penny will be accounted for and every task will be thoroughly explained. During the design and bid process we will also have job site meetings with our select sub-contractors to analyze the work at hand so that the unpredictable can be anticipated.

For design services, we can offer you many different avenues to take. Avis can take the initiative for the design load, we can work off of your designs, or you may decide to sit down with our architects and see where your imagination can take you.

Construction Begins

Upon receipt of the various permits, we will forward to you a detailed outline and schedule which will include a start date, a completion date and a comprehensive day-by-day agenda.

Avis’s philosophy is simple when it comes time to manage the construction: Our absolute need and promise for hands on, daily attention. Many homeowners have had the absentee contractor before, but that is definitely not the case with Avis Homes.

Our priority will always be to deliver the highest quality construction and meticulous attention to detail. But above all, we will be on time, clean, courteous, and always professional.

Peace of Mind

In this ever changing business environment, it is imperative that you select a contractor who is well established, has a proven track record, is known for delivering on its promises. We don’t take it lightly that Avis has been in the construction industry now for fifty years. It’s your home; your biggest investment.

Let us show you our unique way!