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Protect your investment with timely maintenance, save money with energy efficient upgrades, or change/repair those “odds and ends.”

restoring sunroom

Home Maintenance

This year alone we have been called out on numerous occasions to deal with the “unexpected”. We have repaired: doors, siding, roofs, gutters, plumbing, electrical, framing, exterior trim, windows, insulation, tile, drywall and painting, etc. Don’t let the years of neglect turn a simple job into the extensive & expensive home repairs you don’t need.

During the building boom of years past, there was such poor construction by builders who had no business in our industry that we now are called upon for our professional advice and to “Just Fix It”. Although we appreciate the business, let us carefully evaluate your situation before it becomes troublesome and costly. After your situation is evaluated, we can offer you a decisive solution specifically tailored for you.

For those of you that live in an older Avis Built home, let us keep your investment in tune. We know your home better than anyone else. We take pride in how our homes stand the test of time, but sooner or later they too will need some work. Call us for your needs today.

Home Upgrades

Home upgrades might occur simultaneously with other home remodeling, but that doesn’t need to be the case. We can concentrate on one specific area such as window and door replacement to deck re-building, using the newest maintenance-free products from Trex and Azek. We also have a professional service which can perform an energy audit which will analyze your energy consumption and waste and offer solutions to a “greener” and more efficient home.


Avis Homes specializes in interior millwork. This is where we excel above and beyond. Our attention to the finer details can transform your home from the bland to the spectacular. Let us panel your dining room, build you some mudroom lockers, install hand hewn beams to the family room, complete that library build out or transform your entire house with a new millwork package.

Do you often see an interesting detail in your favorite home magazines and wonder if it could be feasible in your own home? Let us have a look. Show us a sketch or a picture and we’ll get to work. We have an extensive list of extraordinary and unique millwork suppliers. Our trim carpenters are true craftsmen. Avis will design and manage it all.

milwork and wainscoat